#UkeJourney, Ep 1 is now live!

Link to post: I’ve been wanting to learn the ukulele for some time. Thanks to my friends at Journey Instruments, I finally can! This is also going to be my first regular series on my Patreon Channel where supporters can... read more

New video series! Uke Journey!

I’ve been wanting to learn ukulele for a while. I’ve always considered it an ideal instrument for parents looking to get their young kids into guitar. The ukulele is small, so the size of the child doesn’t matter. A quality uke is also significantly... read more

Advice to a hurt vocal student

The other day, I had a voice student who began the lesson with a question: “What do you do when someone says something bad about your singing?” This is a topic that many performers will confront at some point, and I thought I’d share my thoughts... read more
Breakfast: Mexican cheese omelette with tomato on toasted croissant.
The joy of waking up to a #Greatdane mix.
Yay! Episode 1 is live, and judging by my technique I think I have a lot of work to do on my #ukulele playing, haha! 
Join me on my journey and grow with me as a ukulele player. Please share your tips and progress by using the hash tag #UkeJourney

Full video:
Tomorrow (Tue, Oct 6) at 12PM EST, I'll be debuting my latest series, #UkeJourney where I document my journey in learning the ukulele! 
It will air on my YouTube channel:

The uke is a wonderful instrument that I've been wanting to learn for some time, and I'm so happy to have gotten my hands on one compliments of Journey Instruments!

If you'd like to be rewarded to support my videos, please visit!

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Back to playing keyboards again! Ready for my debut with the N'Demand Band!
Hiccup averts her eyes and gets grumpy when I leave for work.

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Natasia and I have been doing a lot of board gaming recently. Zombicide (a cooperative zombie survival game) is always super fun and intense! Who wants in when we start a game night?

Check it out here: Http://

The newest version is  Kickstarter's highest-funded board game raising more than $4 million! Wow!
#Sketch from the beginning of the year.

What is this? A guitar for ants?

Review coming soon!

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Hiccup is stepping up her game.

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Date City Venue Country
Tour: Winter 2015
12/05/15 Takoma Park, MD House of Musical Traditions United States
Time: 2:00pm. Admission: $50. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 7010 Westmoreland Ave. Venue phone: 301-270-9090. Percussive guitar workshop. Details to come!
Tour: Spring 2016
01/20/16 - 01/31/16 Park City, UT Sundance Film Festival United States
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Related post.

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