#UkeJourney, Ep 1 is now live!

#UkeJourney, Ep 1 is now live!

Link to post: I’ve been wanting to learn the ukulele for some time. Thanks to my friends at Journey Instruments, I finally can! This is also going to be my first regular series on my Patreon Channel where supporters can... read more
New video series! Uke Journey!

New video series! Uke Journey!

I’ve been wanting to learn ukulele for a while. I’ve always considered it an ideal instrument for parents looking to get their young kids into guitar. The ukulele is small, so the size of the child doesn’t matter. A quality uke is also significantly... read more
We put up a sign telling our staff and parents about @starbucks #frappuccinohappyhour and this is what our trash can begins to look like.
Playing some #steviewonder for my sleepy,  little dimples in her #sakurabloombirch

@lovesakurabloom #sakurabloomtheory #cover #nammysmiles #sakurabloomdadboard #pianocover #attachmentparenting #sleepingbaby @proudlyscrunchy
When you have a newly sharpened #schrade #schf9 and #yardwork turns into a #zombiesurvival #fps. Thankfully, I have my trusty Hiccup by my side. 
#greatdanesofinstagram #hiccuppup
Absolutely adore my baby girls, Hiccup & Adelia! :) #greatdanesofinstagram #babygirl #dadsofinstagram
Happy 2 month birthday to my light and bundle of joy, Adelia who went on an underwater adventure!
This 2009 Subaru Forester has been my partner in crime for the part several years. It's seen me through countless shows and tours, international travel adventures, and everyday life happenings. 
This car brought my puppy and my baby home and has kept me safe during many hairy driving conditions. I chose it with the help of my best friends and said goodbye with my new family. A recent trip to two separate mechanics revealed problems that would make maintaining
Being a baby is a hard life. It wears on you. Changes you.
I've come to find a lot of joy playing on out of tune pianos. They have so much character! 
#southpawsynapse #henryplayspiano #outoftunepiano
Hiccup enjoying her first blizzard. 
#snowpuppy #snowzilla #greatdanesofinstagram
Time to play #GuessThatSong ! 

Hint: Everyone here on the east coast USA is talking about it. 

#15secondcover #stonebridgescene


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