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7 Essential guitar accessories | Sheltered Turtle

Walk into the guitar section of Guitar Center or a similar store and you’ll find no shortage of accessories available to guitarists. It’s dizzying!

For your convenience, these are things that I recommend to all my students minus obvious things like strings, picks, and fingernail clippers:



#1. Hard shell guitar case

A case will let you transport the guitar safely. A good $100 hard shell case (be sure to check the dimensions of the case with your guitar to ensure a good fit) is much cheaper than repairing or replacing a broken guitar. A case like the one above also has compartments to store many of the accessories listed here and offers much better protection than a gig bag. A hard shell case is also crucial if you live in a particularly dry or humid climate. Which brings us to …





#2. Humidifier

A humidifier is an often overlooked but very important part of maintaining a healthy guitar. Guitars are made from thin pieces of wood after all. A lack of proper humidity (or overly humid environments) can lead to warping of the wood, cracks, and damage beyond repair. Humidifiers are cheap. Just get one.




#3. Headstock tuner

There lots of different tuners out there, but this one’s my favorite. It’s cheap, easy to use, and very low-profile.


#4. Sting winder multi-tool

If you’re changing strings on your guitar, this will help a lot. I always keep one with me on the road. You can use it to wind strings quickly when restringing a guitar, cut excess string, pull stubborn bridge pins out, and cook a 5-course dinner. Ok, maybe the last part’s a lie, but this is still a darn-good deal.

#5. Cooper Guitar Stand

A stand will prevent you from doing stupid like leaning it up against a sofa or wall. Many a guitar broke thanks to our friend gravity. I love the Cooper Stand design because it’s compact and fits both acoustic and electric guitars.



#6. Metronome

Everyone likes to think they have good rhythm. Don’t fool yourself until you’re able to stay with a metronome. Incorporating a metronome into my practicing has been the single most source for improvement. Most metronomes aren’t loud enough to be of use (read: cell phone apps), but this battery-powered one has been my favorite sidekick. It’s loud, has traditional tempo markings, gives two tone options, and even provides a 440Hz tuning note.


#7. Capo

There’re lots of different capos out there, but this one’s my favorite I’ve encountered so far. You can adjust the tension (important as you capo further up the neck) and easily operate it with one hand.

This is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list. There’s no shortage of things you could get for your guitar. However, all of the items above are standards in any professional guitarist’s arsenal.

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Did I miss something? Not entirely convinced you need all of these things? Write in the comments below! I enjoy hearing from you. : )