Stonebridge / Furch micro shop is live!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be selling my favorite guitars — Furch / Stonebridge Guitars — as a micro shop serving the Washington DC area (see my micro shop page here)!

The first guitar I have available is this Furch OM31SR-C-DB! You can read more about it here and/or watch the video review and unboxing videos I did!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing similar demos for my personal guitars, a custom Stonebridge SJ22LC-C and the ever-popular Stonebridge G22CR-C. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the videos and reviews. Really looking forward to sharing the love for these incredible instruments!


Wow! What an absolute beauty! This guitar screams, balance, clarity, and versatility. It can strum, play lead lines, and sing articulate fingerstyle passages with ease.


You'll love it if ...

  • You've been looking for a dream guitar that can do it all while fitting into a reasonable budget!
  • Articulation is important.
  • You want a bright, clear, and very punchy sound with a deep, warm bass.
  • You enjoy complex overtones that aren't distracting or overwhelming.
  • You want a body that's a little smaller and more comfortable to play than a dreadnought, grand auditorium, or jumbo but don't want to go down to a OOO or parlor sized guitar.
  • You love OM body shapes but crave a deeper, boomier sound.
  • Your aesthetic leans toward a classic, elegant, understated beauty.


Look elsewhere if ...

  • You want a boomy, power-strummer. You'd probably be better-off with a dreadnought or jumbo style guitar.
  • You want a warm, mellow sound. You'll probably love a cedar top!
  • You want a mid-heavy guitar with a strong fundamental and reduced overtones. A mahogany, sapele, or maple back & sides will probably be more to your taste.
  • You want an attention-grabbing, highly-figured, highly-inlaid guitar.




0:25 - About Furch/Stonebridge guitars
1:12 - What comes with the guitar?
5:06 - Guitar woods & features

6:40 - Strumming w/ pick
8:20 - Harmonics
8:45 - Fingerpicking
10:25 - Modern fingerstyle (DADGAD)

11:35 - Overall thoughts
13:21 - Review of sound
15:00 - Who is this guitar for?
16:16 - Dynamic range
17:00 - Buying this guitar
18:23 - Visual appointments


PRICE: $2359.00 USD

TOP: Alaskan Sitka

BACK & SIDES: Indian Rosewood


  • Solid high grade tone woods
  • Two piece Honduran Mahogany neck
  • Ebony fretboard & bridge
  • Ebony headstock onlay
  • Ebony bridge pins
  • Tortoise style binding with B&W purfling
  • B&W three ring Rosette
  • Tapered X-Bracing
  • Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod (Proprietary Stonebridge Design)
  • Paua Abalone Headstock Logo Inlay
  • Paua Abalone position dots
  • Dixon Nickel Tuners with Furch Logo (15:1 Ratio)
  • Tiger Spot Style Pickguard
  • Semi-Gloss Hand Rubbed Lacquer Finish/ Satin Finish Neck
  • Flat Top Headstock
  • Elixir Ph-Br Nanoweb 012-53
  • Light to Medium Gauge Strings Recommended
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Lower Bout: 14.88″
  • Upper Bout: 11.26″
  • Waist: 9.13″
  • Depth at End Pin: 4.01″ (Deep Body 4.57”)
  • Depth at Neck Joint: 3.22″ (Deep Body 3.78”)
  • Scale Length: 25.563″
  • Body Length: 19.29″
  • Overall Length: 40.39″
  • Nut Width: 45mm or 1.77″
  • Fingerboard Radius: 400mm or 15.748”
  • String Spacing at Nut: 1.50”
  • String Spacing at Bridge: 2.17”
  • Setup for Light Gauge Strings
  • Frets – 20
  • Frets – Nickel/Silver
  • Frets – Width: 2.0mm (0.0787″)
  • Frets – Height: 1.0mm (0.0394″)
  • TUSQ Nut & Saddle


  • Hiscox Hard Shell Case
  • Warranty Card
  • Truss Rod
  • Quantity of two bridge pins and some replacement frets

SJ22LC-C (available for demo)


0:00 – Intro
0:25 – My history w/ Stonebridge

2:27 – Body shape
3:53 – Appointments
4:52 – Top wood
7:11 – Back & side wood
8:05 – Other features
9:40 – Pick selection

10:40 – Strumming
12:48 – Harmonics
13:22 – Fingerpicking
14:42 – Modern fingerstyle

16:23 – First impressions
17:56 – Impression over time
19:38 – Connecting with the guitar
22:48 – Drawbacks


Body: Super Jumbo
Top: Alpine Spruce
Back & Sides: Cocobolo

Nut Width: 1-3/4″

Upper Bout: 12.05″
Center: 9.57″
Lower Bout: 9.52″
Body Length: 20.20″
Overall Length: 41.26″
Body Thickness: 3.78″ – 5.34″

Scam through Google Maps

Original article

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The ideal is clear: a world where people can freely share information in an environment that is safe, collaborative, and well-founded. It seems that we’ve all accepted that the ideal is impossible and that furthermore, using the information and technology available comes with a certain amount of risk.