Ahh! I was selected as the 2018 Folk Alliance International’s Artist In Residence!

I’m thrilled and honored to announce that I was selected as the 2018 Folk Alliance International’s Artist In Residence!

This is a project that’s been a couple of years in the making. I’ve been collaborating with some amazing people at the University of Missouri – Kansas City Applied Mathematics department to explore whether or not human involvement is even necessary in the music scene given recent & amazing advances in music technology and artificial intelligence.

I, of course, have my bias, but will the math back me up? Find out in February of 2018!

We’ve got a LOT of work ahead and some pretty amazing projects to top. Click here to see previous Artist In Residence presentations!

What’s FAI?

The mission of Folk Alliance International is to nurture, engage, and empower the international folk music community – traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional – through education, advocacy and performance. Here’s a promo video:

Stonebridge / Furch micro shop is live!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be selling my favorite guitars — Furch / Stonebridge Guitars — as a micro shop serving the Washington DC area (see my micro shop page here)!

The first guitar I have available is this Furch OM31SR-C-DB! You can read more about it here and/or watch the video review and unboxing videos I did!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing similar demos for my personal guitars, a custom Stonebridge SJ22LC-C and the ever-popular Stonebridge G22CR-C. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the videos and reviews. Really looking forward to sharing the love for these incredible instruments!

New video! | “Broken Arms, Broken Neck, Mended Heart”

This tune is a dedication to the strange story of how Natasia and I first got to know each other. It wasn’t until many years later that our friendship became love, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Want to learn how to play this song? Here are video tutorials (guest starring my puppy, Hiccup, the Great Dane/Rottweiler mix)!
Part 1 — Tuning & Intro — http://youtu.be/cvuOewjgmsI
Part 2 — Fingerstyle theme 1 — http://youtu.be/feXJQofSfWI
Part 3 — Engle theme 1 — http://youtu.be/oGQgfChqCTk
Part 4 — Fingerstyle theme 2 (harmonics) — http://youtu.be/zTFWjGPTMqM
Part 5 — Engle theme 2 — http://youtu.be/vVtiSG8TpUs
Part 6 — Chord strumming — http://youtu.be/CBtE_0ipkeM
Q. Do you have tabs?
A. At the moment, I don’t have tabs written out and don’t plan on transcribing them in the foreseeable future. I might give it a go later if there’s enough demand, but they’ll likely be handwritten unless someone takes the initiative to write it out using a guitar tablature software.
The Engle Guitar Hammer — http://amzn.to/1fWjuuY
Stonebridge Sheltered Turtle custom guitar — http://www.stonebridgeguitars.com
MiniFlex Microphone Model 1 — http://www.miniflexmic.com/
John Pearse Stings 700M — http://amzn.to/Pkg1Ac
John Pearse Armrest — http://amzn.to/1eEnT5G
Grover 106 Tuners — http://amzn.to/15Rbi0P
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 (camera) — http://amzn.to/1aqFDSG
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (interface) — http://amzn.to/1aKrK24
Vox VAC19 (cable) — http://amzn.to/12BWEcq
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New Video — “Canadian Catapult”

“Canadian Catapult” has been one of my favorite pieces to play out and is almost always a part of my set list. For this third and final Living Room Session video, videographer Todd Gorman used his GoPro on the headstock of my guitar to get a unique angle on the action. Without further ado:



Like this video? Share it with friends! — http://bit.ly/1iwpd1G


What’s the story?

The Canadian Guitar Festival is a gathering of contemporary fingerstyle guitar enthusiasts and a great place to meet like-minded acoustic guitar lovers. I had the opportunity to go last year with Trevor Gordon Hall. It was an eye-opening experience: to be surrounded by so many incredible guitarists and warm-heared people really made me happy to be a part of this growing community.

The festival also made me realize that I had to work harder to not only improve as a guitarist, but also to find my voice as a composer and performer. It dawned on me that in my current state, I wasn’t doing much to advance the scene; I was only maintaining the status quo.

After returning from the festival, I was simultaneously discouraged and inspired. Discouraged because there were so many people who were leaps and bounds better and more talented guitarists than I was; how could I possibly compete? Inspired when I realized that this scene isn’t about about competition. Everyone has their part to play. I just had to find mine.

With that epiphany, I’ve been working on a revised direction for my music. It’ll be a little while before I’m ready to share it with the world, but I do feel that it’ll be much more reflective of my artistic vision than anything else I’ve done!


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Watch my TEDxStanford performance! (video)

Well, my performance from TEDxStanford is finally up thanks to the hard-working folks behind this massive undertaking. Without further ado, here’s the video of my performance!


It was amazing listening to all the brilliant speakers and getting a chance to spend some time with them. I’ll be sharing their talks on my Facebook page in the coming months. Some non-TEDx highlights from my adventure to California:

  • My flight was delayed due to mechanical failure. Glad they caught it while we were still on the ground
  • Because of this I got put-up at a really nice hotel suit compliments of Delta Airlines (I give a video tour on my Instagram)
  • It was fun driving a Mazda, although the tiptronics are reversed from my Subaru and took getting used to
  • Philz Coffee makes absolutely delicious mint coffee. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but wow, never had a more refreshing ice coffee
  • My brother and I saw Spiderman 2 after a nice hike through Alum Rock Park. The hike was beautiful, hilly, and included a run-in with a wild turkey. I enjoyed the movie; apparently far more so than the critics. Maybe I’m just easy to please
  • I’m super relieved that my Stonebridge made it through traveling safely

Here are the pictures I snapped along the way:

Some pictures from my travels:



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