“Philly Is Ugly” reaches 100,000+ views!

This summer, I had the opportunity to compose and perform the soundtrack for an ambitious timelapse photography project titled Philly Is Ugly. It was nice to take a break from the guitar and go back to my keyboard roots. The project was spearheaded by Nathaniel Dodson of Endy Photography. It caused quite the splash in the photography community and has since become one of the most-watched timelapse films in all of Vimeo!


Philly Is Ugly – Timelapse Love Story from Nathaniel Dodson on Vimeo.


A large reason for the success in the photography community is largely due to Nathaniel’s painstaking documentation of his gear, methods, techniques, and beyond! For example, here’s a quick little video he did for the soundtrack featuring yours truly:


Sounds by Sheltered Turtle | Philly Is Ugly Soundtrack from Nathaniel Dodson on Vimeo.


I’m really proud of this project and all the success that’s occurred. Nathaniel is not only incredibly talented but very hard working and totally deserving of all his success and recognition. His photography is indicative of his a unique style and personality.


Some other links:

On Fox’s Good Morning Philadelphia — http://www.myfoxphilly.com/story/23266495/philly-is-ugly-video-project-shows-that-its-really-not

Official website — http://endyphoto.com/philly/

Nathaniel’s professional website — http://endyphoto.com/


New video! “Why We Love”

Well, a month’s come and gone, so it’s time for a new video! This is the second video of three that I recorded in my living room earlier this year (see the first video here) with the help of my friend and videographer Todd Gorman. “Love” encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions and meanings in the English language; it’s truly one of the sweetest things we can experience in life.

As I was playing around on the guitar one day, I stumbled upon this simple melody line that was so pure, sweet, and joyful that it captured so much about my feeling of love in my life. Without future ado, here’s my new piece Why We Love.

Thanks for watching, and as always please share your thoughts, stories, and puppy photos. If you like the video, you can help a ton by sharing it with a friend, a loved one, and/or a co-worker!


Technical notes:

This was recorded on my Stonebridge G22CR-C which has been a loyal musical companion and a great conduit for creative expression (if you’re interested in purchasing one, I have a friend looking to sell his and/or you can talk to me about buying a new one directly from my friends at Stonebridge!).

Of course, the best guitar is nothing without a set of good strings. My absolute favorite strings are made by John Pearse who also make a wide variety of wonderful products for stringed instruments. I have my guitar upgraded with their armrest (which opens up the sound tremendously) and brass bridge pins (which improve sustain and shimmer).

The sound was recorded with 2 internal microphones thanks to my friends at MiniFlex Microphones. I personally use their Model 1. I’m continued to be blown away with how good they sound in both a live and a recording setting. They’re very simple to install and backed by some wonderful people.

The mic system was recorded through a Focusrite iTrack Solo interface which is the smaller, more portable sister of my amazing Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. The iTrack is incredibly convenient for mobile recording, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an affordable, great sounding, easy to use USB audio interface for recording on the go or even as a first recording rig.

“Yearning” used for St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s International Education promotional video!

A teacher once told me that the best education one can get is to live and travel to different countries. He continued, “Yes there are some differences, but what most people find is how alike we all really are and how foolish it is to hate someone just because they’re from somewhere different from yourself.”




It’s in that spirit that I’m proud to say that my music was used for St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s International Education promotional video. It was put together by fan & friend, Naomi G who used my composition “Yearning” from my album Runaway Sketchbook (2013). Without further ado:


On Youtube: http://youtu.be/XaX64fjb41M

Want to use my music for your film/podcast/photography/etc project? Licensing my music is easy and very affordable!Visit my Licensing page! — http://henrynam.com/licensing/

New video! “The Anaheimlich”



“The Anaheimlich”
by Sheltered Turtle (Henry Nam)

Inspired by the amazing people I’ve met because of the NAMM and all the positive memories associated with it. This video is the first of three dubbed “The Living Room Sessions” because it was filmed right in my living room by my friend and video guy, Todd Gorman!

The little device I have in my mouth and use half way through the tune is the Engle Guitar Hammer with the new Soft Touch head. I’m performing on a beautiful Stonebridge G22CR-C (Cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides) outfitted with John Pearse strings, armrest, and brass bridge pins.

Everything was recorded with my internal MiniFlex Microphones, Model 1 going through a Focusrite iTrack solo. Editing was done via Ableton Live Lite 9.



Footage Shot by Todd Gorman
Video & Audio edited by Henry Nam
Composed & performed by Henry Nam (AKA Sheltered Turtle)
Fan puppy (Zero) submitted by Nathan & Victoria S.


Screenshot (18)


New video! — Autodidactic Pedagogy


Phew! Five months of hard work by Video Guy Coop (E-mail eric.d.cooper1@gmail.com for all your video needs!), and it’s finally done! This is easily my favorite music video yet.

The footage was shot on an extraordinarily nice November 2013 morning/afternoon at Valley Forge National Historical Park in King of Prussia, PA. The spot is notable in American history as the encampment where General Washington rallied his troops over a brutal winter to win American independence over the British.

The audio is from my debut album, Runaway Sketchbook (2013).

Here’s a little production screenshot as I made some final edits to Coop’s footage:



Coop and Ashley (who helped a TON with the shooting logistics):


Watch Me Butcher #7: “Two Lanes” by James Hearne


“Two Lanes”
Written by James Hearne

Hear the original: http://jameshearne.bandcamp.com/track/two-lanes


The Story

Alright, so this will be my first foray into covering music by indie artists. James and I were in 4-piece rock band (http://thewayhome.bandcamp.com/) and toured the East Coast. During that time, I learned a lot about singing from him. Yes, I still have a lot to work on, but any redeeming factor to my singing is in large part thanks to working with him, Dan, and Nick.

While the band is no longer together, I’m still a big fan of James’ writing and performing style. His life performances are electrifying. His singing voice is really unique yet somehow entirely familiar, and he’s a darn good guitarist to boot!



I’ve been lost and I’ve been found
I’ve been singing my songs in bars and I’ve been around
I’ve been away from you as far as I would ever want to go
God willing and the gas holds out tonight I’m coming home

Second star to the right
Two lanes of nothing
Straight on til morning

When you’re leaving in the darkest hour of night
Every city looks the same the closing bars the lights the cars
Took another left on Main St thought I saw a sign
Left some miles back behind me: got you on my mind

Second star to the right
Two lanes of nothing
Straight on til morning

Wish I may wish I might
Wish I’d see your face before the morning light
Some dreams fade some dreams die
Second star to the right
Second star to the right

I’ve been on the road drunk and sleep on floors
I’ve made mistakes and I’ll make more
But love don’t mean a thing if it don’t live through private wars
And love don’t mean a thing if no one ever knows the score
And love don’t mean a thing if it’s never been explored
And love don’t mean a thing if it’s not driving home at four

Second star to the right
Two lanes of nothing
Straight on til morning