#UkeJourney, Ep 1 is now live!

Link to post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/3538938

I’ve been wanting to learn the ukulele for some time. Thanks to my friends at Journey Instruments, I finally can! This is also going to be my first regular series on my Patreon Channel where supporters can subscribe (for as little as $1) to my content in exchange for rewards. Think of it like a reverse Kickstarter over the course of a longer period of time.

In this episode, I talk about various ways I’m approaching the ukulele given my other musical background. I’m try to shy away from chord charts and instead, gain a deeper understanding of the instrument as a whole using music theory principles. That said, the intent is to keep things light and fun.

Hope everyone who’s trying to learn the ukulele will join me by showing their progress, tips, and tricks via #UkeJourney!

New video series! Uke Journey!

I’ve been wanting to learn ukulele for a while. I’ve always considered it an ideal instrument for parents looking to get their young kids into guitar. The ukulele is small, so the size of the child doesn’t matter. A quality uke is also significantly less expensive than a quality guitar.

My friends at Journey Instruments provided me with a beautiful UC770C ukulele to start my, well, Uke Journey (hence the title of the series). In this preview video, I talk about my intent for the series. The first episode will air this coming Tuesday, October 6 @ 12PM EST.

* Amazon links are affiliate links. Journey Instruments provided a ukulele for an unbiased review.