Happy Monday! Here’s a ditty from a song I almost never play live. It uses 2 capos (1 partial, 1 full) from @g7thcapo and is played on my beautiful, one-of-a-kind, signature @stonebridgeguitars and John Pearse 700M strings. I’m accompanied by the @gatorcases gator mascot too!

Filmed at the beautiful @wtcrio .

#riffwars #riffwarsacoustic #stonebridgescene #gatorartists #gaithersburg

Meet my friends Ken and Todd from @stonebridgeguitars ! So honored to be a part of the team! Such amazing guitars with such a rich history.

Excerpt from a piece I dedicated to my grandparents in Korea played on my beautiful signature model @stonebridgeguitars !#mondaymusic #goodmorning #stonebridgescene