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House Concerts | Sheltered Turtle

Let’s host a house concert!

Few things bring people together like food, music, and good company. I’m all about fostering that community in any positive way I can. House concerts are a great way to bring your friends and family together for an unforgettable fun-filled night.

Is my house big enough for a house concert?

Cozy, intimate shows are the best! That’s what makes house concerts so appealing over the standard rock club & bar. If you can seat around fifteen people, you’e got yourself a good place to host! House concert attendance ranges from fifteen to sixty people.

How much will a house concert cost me?

Nothing! We’ll set out a suggested donation jar for me near the food, “pass the hat” around during the performance to help cover my gas and travel expenses, and have a space for me to sell my music and merchandise.

The suggested donation is usually around $10-20 a person, but we won’t turn people away if they aren’t able to give.

That said, if you want to offer me a guarantee rather than ask your friends and family to donate, we can work that out as well.

Please note that if you’re located far outside of my travel route, the cost of transit (flight, lodging, and transportation) will be on you.

Will it be hard to organize?

Not at all! Once we nail down a date and time, we’ll send out electronic invites (usually via E-mail, Facebook, and/or calls) to everyone you want to invite. If this is a public show, I’d be happy to add any relevant details to my website so that my fans can access all of the pertinent information. Encourage your friends to bring some food, and we’ve got ourselves a nice, little house concert and friendly, potluck get-together!

If you’re willing to put in some work ahead of time, one of the best ways to ensure a successful house concert is to talk to you friends before contacting me, show them my music, and get a head count of those who want to come watch my show. Coordinate a date, a spot, and what everyone would be willing to chip in to make it happen. If we know who’s coming and what the compensation looks like, it’ll be much easier for me to give you a straight yes/no answer.

Could you do a workshop as well?

Yes! If you have some musician friends who’d be interested in a beginner-friendly workshop, I’d be happy to do a session before the show. Generally, people are asked to register via E-mail and pay $20 to participate. After all, I’m giving away all my secrets before the show!

How will the house concert be run?

It’s really laid back and simple. We give everyone plenty of time to arrive, chat, and catch-up. Then the music will start. Music can last anywhere from forty-five minutes to as much as two hours. I like to throw-in an intermission to give people some time to enjoy the food, stretch, and enjoy each others’ company. That’s it!

Will the house concert be a success?

Don’t worry! It will be! People love having a reason to gather, eat good food, and come away with some cool memories. We just want everyone to enjoy themselves. That said, calling/texting/E-mailing people directly is far more effective than a Facebook invite without any follow-up. Send them a video (this one’s my personal favorite so far) so they know what to expect, and share your thoughts on my music. Your testimonial and personal recommendation will be far more convincing than any marketing package I can put together.

What now?

Use the contact form or the right or send me an E-mail: henry@shelteredturtle.com

In your E-mail, please include:

  • Dates & times you had in mind
  • Whether you want the event to be public or private
  • Whereabouts you are

It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers. I’m also happy to address any questions you have, tend to any concerns, and entertain creative ideas! I’ve literally been hired to play music for a bunch of puppies, so bring on the wacky ideas (especially if they involve puppies)!

Let's do it!

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