“Canadian Catapult” has been one of my favorite pieces to play out and is almost always a part of my set list. For this third and final Living Room Session video, videographer Todd Gorman used his GoPro on the headstock of my guitar to get a unique angle on the action. Without further ado:



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What’s the story?

The Canadian Guitar Festival is a gathering of contemporary fingerstyle guitar enthusiasts and a great place to meet like-minded acoustic guitar lovers. I had the opportunity to go last year with Trevor Gordon Hall. It was an eye-opening experience: to be surrounded by so many incredible guitarists and warm-heared people really made me happy to be a part of this growing community.

The festival also made me realize that I had to work harder to not only improve as a guitarist, but also to find my voice as a composer and performer. It dawned on me that in my current state, I wasn’t doing much to advance the scene; I was only maintaining the status quo.

After returning from the festival, I was simultaneously discouraged and inspired. Discouraged because there were so many people who were leaps and bounds better and more talented guitarists than I was; how could I possibly compete? Inspired when I realized that this scene isn’t about about competition. Everyone has their part to play. I just had to find mine.

With that epiphany, I’ve been working on a revised direction for my music. It’ll be a little while before I’m ready to share it with the world, but I do feel that it’ll be much more reflective of my artistic vision than anything else I’ve done!


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