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Overcoming fear of singing | Sheltered Turtle

A year ago, I had a ton of insecurities about my singing voice. I hated the way it sounded, and I felt that I’d never be able to sing lead for anything (beyond those screaming metal bands I did). I worked my butt-off anyway, working hard to improve and learn everything I can about singing.

Fast forward to yesterday. A cover I did of one of my favorite songs got a comment from the original artist who said, “I f*cking love it!” among some other very flattering remarks. Well shucks.

On several occasions this past year, I’ve had audience members come up to me saying that it’s crazy that I don’t have vocal album requesting that I do one ASAP. Now I’m getting people asking me for singing lessons! (WTF?)

I know this all sounds very vain and ego-stroking for me to say, but it’s been a point of pride for me to turn one of my most abysmal weaknesses into something others occasionally find pleasant.

With any other musical instrument, you can just buy nicer gear. But with voice, you only have what you’re born with. Some just have it, that God-given talent that makes the Earth stand still with every passing note. Others, like me, can work at it, improve, and make due.

I made excuses for a long time, but none of those excuses got me any closer to actually being able to sing. I still have a LOT of improving to do, but I’m working at it. And that’s all anyone can ask of themselves.