So you’ve done some research and decided to get into cloth diapering! With so much information and options out there, it can get overwhelming. Here’s our simple guide and recommendations based off of our research:


What to buy:

Budget – Thirsties Covers w/ prefolds



The best way to save even more money by cloth diapering is to buy prefold covers and prefolds. Prefolds are really cheap, so you can really stock-up on a lot of them. Be sure to get some fasteners to keep them in place. Once your baby grows out of the newborn sized prefolds, you can use the prefolds as wipe cloths! Covers are easy to clean, so you don’t need too many.


Convenience – GroVia AIO


If you want the convenience of a disposable but want to stick to cloth diapering, you can’t go wrong with the AIO (All In One). Once baby has soiled him/herself, you just scoop the waste into a toilet then throw the entire diaper into your wet bag to get washed later. That’s it! It’s always good to have a few of these around for those late-night changes and/or for when grandma/grandpa want to help with diaper changes.


Balance – GroVia Hybrid


A good balance between price and convenience, the GroVia Hybrids were the first mainstay in our diaper stash. It’s similar to the prefold system minus having to wrap the baby in a prefold. The soaker pads just snap into place and go into the diaper bag when they’ve been soiled!


Why these?

Ok. So why these? Are they the best? Short answer: no. Every baby is different, and you won’t know what he/she likes until you try it. However, all of them were loved by many parents and suited our needs best. We recommend these as a starting place for parents because they’ve been highly reviewed by many. From there, we encourage people to round out their stash by ordering what you can find on sales or even looked for used cloth diapers (not as gross as it sounds).


Where to buy:

The best deals are around Black Friday. GroVia had a 20% off everything sale this past Black Friday 2015 which lead to huge savings for their package deals.

From there, if you’re looking to round out your stash, we really love Diaper Junction because of their attainable rewards of free diapers. Kelly’s Closet is also great and posted some really wonderful tutorials if you’re looking for more information.


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