I actually was always for cloth diapering. I liked the idea of a self-contained system that didn’t require me to throw away diaper after diaper. After a week of cloth diapering, I’m so glad I did.

1. It’s really not that bad

With the right system in place, cloth diaper changes are pretty much just as fast as disposable diaper changes. Adelia actually cries a lot less once we switched from the hospital disposable wipes to our super-soft, home-made cloth wipes. She’s less fussy during diaper changes, and seems to be quite comfortable in them. There’s also the peace of mind that her skin’s not exposed to bad plastics and chemicals.


2. Cloth diapering has come a long way

Most people probably picture cloth diapering as what’s depicted in old cartoons: a white piece of cloth wrapped around the bum and held together by a safety pin. However, cloth diapering has come a long way since those days. There’s a surprising amount of variety out there that offers options that allows you to customize how hands-on or how convenient you want your system to be.

Our two favorite places to shop are Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet because of their options and amazing rewards program.


3. Variety is a good thing

My first instinct was to invest in a particular system, become a pro at it, and rest assured that I could go into autopilot down the line during sleepless nights. As it turns out, variety is a good thing, especially because of how unpredictable babies can be.

For example, we didn’t buy too many Grovia Prefolds in size 1 because we didn’t anticipate Adelia being newborn-sized for very long. Turns out that she’s a tiny baby and that all the nice newborn all-in-one systems we got were still too big. We would have been SOL (literally) without those prefolds.

The takeaway: it’s good to have a staple. Just be prepared to have some backups and variety. It’s not too difficult to adapt once you get started.


4. You’ll be less frustrated

Babies are poo and pee factories, and sometimes, they decide to have a BM right after (or even during) a change. I could see myself getting frustrated every time I threw away an expensive disposable because she went right after a change. It’s week 1 for us at the time of writing, and she’s gone through four diapers in the span of 10 minutes before! Knowing that more diapers are just a wash & dry cycle away is a huge peace of mind.


5. You’ll save money

Here’s a great run-down of the costs. Granted, it’s just one perspective, but on average, you’ll be saving a tremendous amount of money cloth diapering compared to using disposables if you use a prefold + cover system and plan on having more than one child.

An additional perk was that Natasia felt less of a need to buy more clothes because cloth diapers are inherently cuter and customizable than disposable diapers. We even got a diaper that’s patterned like a Braveheart-style kilt. You know, because nothing says, “war” like changing diapers.


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