The best way to save money cloth diapering is by using a system of prefolds (the part that soaks all the nasty stuff), covers (the part that prevents the nasty stuff from getting out), and fasteners (the thing that holds the prefold together. In addition to being cheap, this system has been absolutely bulletproof so far! No blowouts! Here’s system we use:

Quick list:
1. GroVia Prefolds
2. Thirsties duo wrap diaper covers
3. Snappi diaper fasteners


1. GroVia Prefold

SizesNewborn (pictured)InfantInfant longToddler


These are soft, organic, and very absorbent. When Adelia was first born, she was too small to fit into our diapers, so we just modified the newborn prefolds (AKA more folds) to diaper her.

While a wet diaper would feel wet on the outside, it never dripped thanks to our Thirsties covers (see below) + Snappi fasteners. (see below). Saved us the money and trouble of having to go out and buy preemie diapers for the four days she was under-sized.

The plus with these is that even when baby grows out of these, you can simply use them as extra cloth wipes, burp cloths, spit-up rags, changing pad liners, etc. Multi-purpose!

We found this article really helpful in learning how to fold the prefolds. Our favorite is the bikini fold followed by the angel fold and pad fold as our DD outgrows the prefold: 6 Ways to Fold a Prefold Cloth Diaper


2. Thirtsies duo wrap diaper covers

SizesOne (6-18 lbs)Two (18-40lbs)


Good selection of patterns to choose from, easy to clean, and has been absolutely bulletproof. Really easy to use and doesn’t add too much bulk. Because Adelia was under 5 lbs when she came home from the hospital, she was swimming in the size ones. However, we made it work regardless.


3. Snappi cloth diaper fasteners


Once you learn to fold the prefolds, you have to have a way of fastening them. We bought a pack of these Snappi’s (pack of 5) and placed them around our changing stations and our amazing Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared diaper bag. So far, we haven’t had a single one break after countless diaper changes, and they’ve always kept the fold together.

Note: the fasteners are very sharp, so be careful when you’re getting used to them! This is especially important if you have a fussy and squirmy baby.

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