We’ll be reviewing some of the movies we watch with Little Dimples and highlighting what she loves and doesn’t like (what’s scary, boring, upsets her, etc). There may be some mild spoilers in each review, but the purpose is 1) to give you a toddler’s perspective of what’s great and not about movies and 2) for us to memorialize what LD responds to. Let’s get started!

Little Dimple’s Rating: DANCE ALL DAY!

+ LOTS of music
+ Fun characters and personalities
+ Fart scene
+ Scattering flyer scene

What LD Doesn’t Like:
– Scary bears

Our Thoughts:

Great kid-friendly movie with fantastic characters, animation, voice acting (seriously, we didn’t even recognize a lot of the stars by their voice alone!), and positive overall message. Plot’s predictable, but the journey’s fun.