Who we are …


Natasia & Henry here! We’re expecting our first baby–a little girl–on February 18th. Henry is a musician, teacher, & assistant director at a music school. Natasia is a scientist-turned-home maker. We’re proud parents of Hiccup, our Great Dane/Rottweiler mix.

We’ve been long-time friends (Henry even wrote a song about the strange way we met — you can click here for the video) and total nerds. We started this blog to serve as a way to organize all of the research we’ve done in a manner that can help similar-minded parents. Which leads us to the next question you might have …


What the heck is “scrunchy?”


“Scrunchy” is a parenting style and philosophy that finds a middle ground between silky parenting and crunchy parenting.

“Silky” advocates a very modernized approach to parenting: formula feeding, disposable diapers & wipes, following all conventional medical practices, and shopping with convenience in mind are all common practices.

“Crunchy”is all about natural parenting: breast-feeding, natural birth, no-vaccinations, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, with a lot of home-made, natural solutions.


What are your parenting philosophies?


Things will change once our baby arrives. Of this we’re certain.

On the silky side, we believe in vaccination and are planning on a medicated, hospital birth.

On the crunchy side, we’ve decided to cloth diaper, use reusable wipes, and are breastfeeding as long as possible.

So what makes us scrunchy? We listen to doctors (while being well-informed and doing our research), will be co-sleeping and cribbing our baby, are considering home schooling, and will be baby-wearing and using a stroller.



One of our main goals is to begin a movement that advocates for more post-partum care in our culture. Here in the US, post-partum care is a mere afterthought, leaving many mothers and partners completely unprepared to make the easiest recovery possible. 

We realized that even birthing classes at reputable hospitals glaze over what happens after birth, resources available to new mothers, and what partners can do to help.



But beyond that, we like to have fun, and more than anything, look forward to sharing everything we love about life with our children: traveling, skiing, swimming, archery, board games, making music & art, and making and fostering wonderful, life-enriching friendships.

Thank you so much for joining us on our adventure!


Natasia & Henry