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Author: proudlyscrunchy

LD’s Movie Favs Ep. 1 – Sing

We’ll be reviewing some of the movies we watch with Little Dimples and highlighting what she loves and doesn’t like (what’s scary, boring, upsets her, etc). There may be some mild spoilers in each review, but the purpose is 1) to give you a toddler’s perspective of what’s great and not about movies and 2) for us to memorialize what LD responds to. Let’s get started! Little Dimple’s Rating: DANCE ALL DAY! What LD LOVES: + LOTS of music + Fun characters and personalities + Fart scene + Scattering flyer scene What LD Doesn’t Like: – Scary bears Our...

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We’re always searching for games to play together that are fun, cooperative, and quick to pick-up and put down. We had this in our Steam library for quite some time and never had a chance to try it out until recently. Quite frankly, we’re smitten! We have a laptop connected to our living room TV, so it’s great for us to be able to cuddle together on the sofa with a wireless keyboard¬†and experience this game together! Here are the top 5 things we like about¬†Child of Light. #1. It’s truly cooperative The cooperative element in lots of games...

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Old posts have been imported!

Got to do something while I wait for a cycle to finish for the cloth diapers! Our old posts from our previous blog have been imported! It actually was a lot of fun looking at some of them and realizing what’s stayed the same and what’s changed. Looking forward to lots of updates to...

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