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Author: proudlyscrunchy

Review: Funky Fluff Bamboo Lux system

The amazing Earth Day sale might’ve enabled me in a big, bad way (thank goodness my husband is on board with my fluff obsession). BUT we’re able to review some more cloth diapers because of it! While browsing some of the sales on Kelly’s Closet, I came across the Funky Fluff Lux diaper system and thought I’d give it a try. It’s available in stay dry, athletic wicking jersey, and bamboo. We opted for the bamboo (reviewed below). What is it?     The Funky Fluff Bamboo system is a “one-size diaper that fits from 7-35+lbs. [It] comes with the redesigned bamboo terry soakers. This...

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Cloth diapering checklist: prefold + cover (biggest savings!)

The best way to save money cloth diapering is by using a system of prefolds (the part that soaks all the nasty stuff), covers (the part that prevents the nasty stuff from getting out), and fasteners (the thing that holds the prefold together. In addition to being cheap, this system has been absolutely bulletproof so far! No blowouts! Here’s system we use: Quick list: 1. GroVia Prefolds 2. Thirsties duo wrap diaper covers 3. Snappi diaper fasteners   1. GroVia Prefold Sizes: Newborn (pictured), Infant, Infant long, Toddler These are soft, organic, and very absorbent. When Adelia was first born, she was too small to fit into our diapers, so we just...

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Week 2: Our takeaways

They grow-up too quickly! / Time goes by too quickly! It’s amazing how expressive babies can be and how quickly we’re able to pick-up on their signs. It does get better, especially as you start finding a good rhythm. Freak-outs will happen, and it’s okay. Cluster feeding is real and the BMs will reflect. Lactation consultants are absolutely worth it. Moms have it harder than dads. Moms: Don’t kill your husband. Dads: It’s weird going back to work and being away from your family. Pumping is not as convenient as it...

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A dad’s perspective on cloth diapering

I actually was always for cloth diapering. I liked the idea of a self-contained system that didn’t require me to throw away diaper after diaper. After a week of cloth diapering, I’m so glad I did. 1. It’s really not that bad With the right system in place, cloth diaper changes are pretty much just as fast as disposable diaper changes. Adelia actually cries a lot less once we switched from the hospital disposable wipes to our super-soft, home-made cloth wipes. She’s less fussy during diaper changes, and seems to be quite comfortable in them. There’s also the peace of mind that her skin’s not exposed to bad plastics and chemicals.   2. Cloth diapering has come a long way Most people probably picture cloth diapering as what’s depicted in old cartoons: a white piece of cloth wrapped around the bum and held together by a safety pin. However, cloth diapering has come a long way since those days. There’s a surprising amount of variety out there that offers options that allows you to customize how hands-on or how convenient you want your system to be. Our two favorite places to shop are Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet because of their options and amazing rewards program.   3. Variety is a good thing My first instinct was to invest in a particular system, become a pro at it, and rest assured that I could go...

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Henry’s easy cloth wipe recipe

This is a slight modification of a simple cloth wipe solution Natasia found online. I stumbled upon it by accident, but we were so happy with the results that it continues to be our recipe. Please feel free to use and modify it at your leisure! The links are our affiliate links to Amazon, so please use them if you’d like to support this site and in turn, our family! Shopping List: 4oz. glass bottle spray (for home use) Aluminum spray bottles (for travel, diaper bag, etc) Cloth wipes (Natasia makes some beautiful cloth wipes too!) Ingredients: 1 cup filtered, boiled, and...

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