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Author: proudlyscrunchy

Week 1: Put your friends and family to work! What kind of help to ask for (and why)

Every parenting advice book/blog has something written about letting yourself receive help from family and friends. However, it’s tough to do more than thank friends and family for their vague offer to help. This is what we found to be the most useful during our first week: 1. Food Cooking takes time. Getting take-out and delivery can be very time-consuming and take you away from that value bonding time. You want to eat healthfully for mommy and baby’s sake, so accepting help from friends who’re good in the kitchen can be a big help. You’ll want to make sure they...

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Swimming to lose weight: A pre-diabetes story

2/3 way into our first pregnancy, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Diabetes runs in my family like the Force among Skywalkers. The doctor told me that everything was very reversible at this point given some life changes. Aside from reducing portion sizes, cutting down on carbs, and reducing sweets (my vice), I had to lose weight. I’m not overweight, but surprisingly, Asian-Americans are woefully unaware and undiagnosed for diabetes (more than 50% who have Type 2 diabetes don’t even know it!). I’m pretty active year-round, but I decided to make a more concerted effort to be active for the sake of...

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How to fight lovingly

Couples inevitably get into fights. It’s what happens when two individuals decide to live as one. No matter how big or small the fight, both people’s misery is assured. Below is a method that’s helped us get through an argument while maintaining focus on the love between us: Calm down & collect your thoughts alone. It’s okay to go to separate rooms for a minute and cool-off. It takes effort to consciously decide to stop fighting for the betterment of the relationship. Agree upon a meeting time and place whether it’s 5 minutes from now by the sofa or a...

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Why you’re not feeling loved: introducing love languages

Everyone has ways of showing love. Everyone has ways they like to be loved. That’s where love languages come-in. These concepts come from Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.” He posits that we communicate through one or two of the following love languages most strongly: Gifts Quality time Verbal Actions Touch Ok, so how’s that helpful? Well, there are two elements at play: the way you show love to your partner, and the way you most enjoy receiving love from your partner. When the way you show your love are at odds with the way your partner most...

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Cloth diapering: Where to start!

So you’ve done some research and decided to get into cloth diapering! With so much information and options out there, it can get overwhelming. Here’s our simple guide and recommendations based off of our research:   What to buy: Budget – Thirsties Covers w/ prefolds   The best way to save even more money by cloth diapering is to buy prefold covers and prefolds. Prefolds are really cheap, so you can really stock-up on a lot of them. Be sure to get some fasteners to keep them in place. Once your baby grows out of the newborn sized prefolds, you can use the prefolds as wipe cloths!...

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