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What is Adobe Bridge used for? 5 Easy tips to get you started! | Sheltered Turtle

As I work on booking performances for 2014, I realized that I need a quick and easy way to edit the photos I take/are submitted by fans. I’ve dabbled in Adobe Bridge but never quite got why ┬áit’s any better than just organizing my photos in file folders to begin with. As it turns out, I was missing out on a lot!

This great tutorial made it pretty clear that I was wasting a lot of time with my old workflow.


Click here for SLR Lounge’s full article.


Here are my takeaways:

1. Editing in Camera RAW mode allows you to make most the contrast, saturation, and other edits quickly and easily.

2. For someone like me who has all of his photos organized in dated folders, there is a way to preview the photos from multiple folders.

3. By going through Bridge, you edit multiple photos simultaneously through Camera RAW.


Not covered in this tutorial:

Bridge also allows you to rate your photos using a star system (1-5 stars) or flagging photos that aren’t any good. Then you can have bridge only show photos that are above a certain rating (4+ stars for example). This is great when you’ve taken a bunch of photos and have a handfull of duds that you don’t want to sort through.


Have some more beginner-friendly tips regarding Bridge, Camera RAW, or other Adobe products? Share them in the comments below!