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Workshops | Sheltered Turtle

Do you have a community, store, or a group of music-loving friends who are looking to expand their skill set and repertoire? You can hire me to come give a workshop/clinic on any of the following topics. The typical workshop lasts from 45-60 minutes, but depending on your educational needs, programs can be extended to be more comprehensive.

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Level: Beginner-Intermediate

The acoustic guitar has an entire drum set hidden within and is capable of harp-like sounds that are underutilized by songwriters. Join us to begin learning the secrets to creating a more dynamic and diverse performance that will set you apart from strummers and fingerpickers. The workshop is interactive and available to players of all levels, so bring your guitar and get ready to tap your toes!

Basic Curriculum:
. Getting in rhythm
2. The guitar as a drum set
3. Basic percussion
4. Drum & strum
5. Harmonics
6. Play guitar with 1 hand!
7. Putting it all together

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Level: Music lover-beginner

Percussion instruments are, by their very nature, collaborative instruments. They bring people together and help enhance nearly all styles of music. Easy to learn, difficult to master, percussion is a great way for music lovers and beginners alike to start putting their voice into musical collaborations. In this workshop, we’ll learn about instruments from West Africa (djembe), Peru (cajon), and the Middle East (darbuka) and how to play them!

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Level: Music lover-intermediate

Many people avoid music theory because it seems so bland, confusing, and unimportant for both writing and appreciating music. However, properly presented, these basic, easy to learn concepts will improve your appreciation of your favorite music, help bring new life to songwriting, help with improvisation, and give you a vocabulary with which to talk to other musicians.

Basic Curriculum:
1. How to hear happiness and sadness in music
2. Why notes sound “wrong”
3. How interesting chord progressions are assembled
4. Why soundtracks work so well
5. How to incorporate this into your music

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Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Imagine being able to sit down at any piano anywhere and make-up something sounds pleasant and musical on the spot. That’s the power of improvisation! This workshop guides pianists/keyboardists of all levels on how to begin improvising with confidence and skill. We’ll cover stylistic traits of blues, rock, jazz, new age, and genre film scoring.

Recommended skill set:
— The ability to play chords and melodies simultaneously
— Knowledge of the C major and A minor scales

Coming soon (fall 2015):

— Songwriting workshop: write 1 song in 1 hour!

— Assembling a press kit to get you booked!

— How to increase engagement through social media

— Building a killer musician’s website

— Graphic design for musicians: crafting visual materials that don’t suck

— Recording on the go: a guide to mobile recording

Henry led a great workshop at our store, introducing his percussive techniques. The attendees all enjoyed themselves and learned a lot of new skills to add to their arsenal. Definitely not your average guitar workshop – and that’s a good thing!

Kristen Jones

Manager, House of Musical Traditions

On Saturday March 7th, 2015 we had the pleasure of hosting an acoustic guitar workshop with guitarists Henry Nam and Anthony Troy.

To say that our clientele and staff were impressed would be an understatement. Their willingness to engage and allow for participation from the audience was refreshing and just what needs to happen in that environment.

Fantastically talented, Henry and Anthony played several music pieces, demonstrated and explained advanced techniques to all in attendance.

We are very thankful to have hosted such a wonderful event and look forward to Henry Nam add Anthony Troy ringing our walls with their amazing guitar mastery.

B. Scott Johnson

Owner , ABC Music School/Big Johnson's Guitars

I attended Henry Nam’s guitar workshop at the SERFA conference in May, and walked away thinking, “I can do this!” Henry has reached a level of playing that many only dream of, and certainly I’ve been one of the dreamers – until now. He was able to guide us through harmonics, using the guitar as a percussion instrument, and tapping the strings to achieve various rhythms and melody, in a way that was both encouraging and useful. Henry is a wonderful facilitator, incredible musician, and genuine person. Thank you for opening this window for me.

Nancy Beaudette


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